1. The Evolving Volatile Chemistry of Protoplanetary Disks
  2. Giant 100 Million Year Old Sperm Cells Discovered – The Oldest Known Sperm Cells
  3. Subtleties in Magnetic Fields Detected by Ultrathin Graphene Sensors
  4. Our Early Ancestors May Have Boiled Their Food in Hot Springs Long Before Learning to Control Fire
  5. The covid-19 pandemic was predicted – here's how to stop the next one
  6. Two Layers Are Better Than One for Efficient Solar Cells – Affordable, Thin Film Solar Cells With 34% Efficiency
  7. Studying the Genetic Evolution of Viruses Like SARS-CoV-2 in Single Cells Could Reveal New Ways to Defeat Them
  8. Ultrafast Terahertz Magnetometry: New Method to Track Ultrafast Change of Magnetic State
  9. Direct Link Between Smoking and Fatal Brain Bleeding Found in Large, Long-Term Study of Twins
  10. Почему «Виагру» придумали для мужчин и что такое «неодарвинистский феминизм»
  11. «В этом мире очень мало людей, которые могут превзойти Илона Маска, и я один из них». Конкурента Tesla подозревают в мошенничестве
  12. «Миллиардеры поняли, что государства не справляются». Как топ-менеджеры Кремниевой долины пытаются (тайно) спасти мир
  13. «Какое количество населения выдержит окружающая среда, прежде чем деградировать от чрезмерного использования
  14. Что известно ученым о связи растительных масел и онкологических заболеваний
  15. Let's Remember the Largest Helicopter Ever, Which Was Completely Useless
  16. How Obscure Satellites Detected an Iranian Missile Attack and Saved American Lives
  17. «Каждый может даже у себя на даче выкопать яму, чтобы увидеть смену ледниковья и межледниковья»
  18. «Я ненавижу Forbes». Как самый богатый человек Германии обеднел сильнее всех в мире
  19. Хуже, чем преступление. Почему польский поход 1939 года обернулся катастрофой для СССР
  20. «Мир с треском провалил эту миссию»: итоги Стратегического плана на 2011–2020 годы
  21. Генсек ООН: «Пандемия вышла из-под контроля»
  1. Can Alien Life Survive a Star’s Death? Webb Space Telescope Will Reveal the Answer
  2. NASA Warns: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Add 15 Inches to 2100 Sea Level Rise
  3. Mysterious Magnetic “Sixth Sense” Some Animals Have May Come From Bacteria
  1. Жизнь на Венере? Новое исследование предполагает, что это возможно
  2. The Unfortunate Reality of Teleportation
  3. Are there any aliens out there? We are close to knowing for sure
  4. Порок избытка
  5. After years of sexism in space we urgently need more female astronauts
  6. Gene-Edited Livestock “Surrogate Sires” Successfully Created by Scientists to Transform Animal Breeding
  7. Coronavirus: How worried should we be about reports of reinfection?
  8. «Какое количество населения выдержит окружающая среда, прежде чем д
  1. Геноцид в Африке: бывшие колонии Германии требуют возмещения ущерба
  2. Colliding Neutron Stars Generate Just Small Amounts of Gold, Creating an Astronomical Mystery
  3. Scientists Have Long Believed That Ocean Viruses Always Quickly Kill Algae – They Were Wrong
  4. Arctic transitioning to a new climate state
  5. New Phase of Nanoconfined Water Discovered – Important Fundamental Breakthrough With Practical Applications
  6. Aerospace Engineering Students Develop Hybrid Rocket Engine
  7. Computer Designed Synthetic Antiviral Proteins Inhibit SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 in Human Cells
  8. Ab8 COVID-19 Drug Breakthrough: Tiny Antibody Component Completely Neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 Virus
  9. Supercritical High-Pressure Hydrogen: Atomistic Modeling Probes the Exotic Behavior of Matter at the Center of Jupiter
  10. Историческая сделка. NVIDIA покупает разработчика процессоров Arm за $40 млрд
  11. Mokslininkai Veneroje atrado „gyvybę palaikančių“ dujų pėdsakų
  1. The EmDrive Just Won't Die
  1. Jupiter’s Moons Could be Warming Each Other through Tidal Resonance
  2. Could the coronavirus merge with another virus to create a new threat?
  3. COVID-19 Pandemic Spawns “Infodemic” in Scientific Literature
  4. Mysterious Stone Forests – Pointed Rock Formations Resembling Trees – Explained by “Candy Forests”
  5. Researchers Reveal Possible New COVID-19 Coronavirus Entry Points
  6. Mystery of Alfred Wallace’s Butterfly Is Finally Solved Over a Century Later
  7. A Big Step Closer to a Universal Antibody Test for COVID-19
  8. New Protocol Corrects Errors Due to Qubit Loss – May Be Key to Development of Large-Scale Quantum Computers
  9. Hubble’s Shocking Dark Matter Discovery: Observations Suggest a Missing Ingredient in Cosmic Recipe
  10. Massive Magellanic Cloud Halo Discovery Finally Explains Stream of Gas Swirling Around the Milky Way
  11. How Stem Cells Can Significantly Help Kids With Autism
  12. Unexpected Discovery of a 410-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forces Rethink of Shark Evolution
  13. Global Analysis Reveals for the First Time: Trees Living Fast Die Young
  14. Windows become transparent solar panels with added nanoparticles
  15. The fuzzy law that could break the idea of a mathematical universe
  16. Large Hadron Collider Creates Matter From Light
  17. NASA’s Roman Space Telescope Primary Mirror Completed – Field of View 100 Times Greater Than Hubble
  18. Налоги и экономия. Что повлияло на приход Гитлера к власти?
  19. «Эти сигареты курит сам президент Путин». Откуда у африканцев любовь
  20. «Не дайте 2020 году превратиться в 1984-й». К чему приведет борьба между Ap
  21. One of quantum physics’ greatest paradoxes may have lost its leading explanation
  22. Ufology: From Fringe Field to Serious Science
  23. История женщин в NASA: от «живых компьютеров» до первой афроамериканки
Dvejetainis failas /home/vt/Dropbox/Darbai/todolist atitinka

  1. «Почему людей вроде меня так мало в элитных учебных заведениях Амери
  2. Почему к демократии нас приведут только элиты. Массовый мирный проте
  1. Planetary Scientists Surprised to Find the Moon Rusting – Now They’ve Found the Likely Culprit
  1. How German military scientists likely identified the nerve agent used to attack Alexei Navalny
  1. Lactose Tolerance Quickly Spread Throughout Europe – Genetic Analysis of Human Bones From Bronze Age Battlefield Reveals
  1. Researchers Find the Origin and Maximum Mass of Massive Black Holes Observed by Gravitational Wave Detectors
  2. Digital pregnancy tests are almost as powerful
  3. Neuralink: 3 neuroscientists react to Elon Musk’s brain chip reveal
  4. «Стивен Хокинг хорошо известен тем, что не выиграл ни одного из много
  5. Sea level rise quickens as Greenland ice sheet sheds record amount
  6. How a Plan to Save the Power System Disappeared
  7. A radical new theory rewrites the story of how life on Earth began
  8. Inside the incredibly slow race to reinvent time
  9. Bacteria-Sized Microscopic Deformation of a Neutron Star Inferred From 4500 Light-Years Away
  10. Станет ли Антарктида зеленым континентом?
  11. Физики оценили шансы человека пережить попадание в кротовую нору 2.8
  12. Monumental Collision of “Impossible” Black Holes Detected for the First Time
  13. Is Consciousness Continuous or Discrete? Scientists Think It’s Both
  14. Looking Skin Deep at the Growth of Neutron Stars to Solve Key Puzzles for Nuclear Physicists
  15. Helicon Plasma Thruster: Plasma Propulsion for Satellites
  16. Researchers Surprised: Common Protein Is Key Player in Diabetes
  17. Evidence of “Hibernation-Like” State Discovered in Early Triassic Creature
  18. Giant Halo Around Andromeda Galaxy Mapped by Hubble in Landmark Study
  19. Dark Matter Could Be Forming Strange Cold 'Stars' Out There in The Universe
  20. Лукашенко, Майк и Ник. Крепкие орешки для Путина
  1. 50 New Planets Confirmed in Machine Learning First – AI Distinguishes Between Real and “Fake” Planets
  2. New Species Found in the Hottest Place on Earth
  3. Planet-Forming Disc Ripped Apart by Its Three Central Stars – Leaving It Warped and With Tilted Rings
  1. Researchers Capture Incredible Footage of Fluid “Fracturing” Like a Solid Under Stress
  2. Astronomers Discover Continuous Infrared Winds During the Eruption of a Stellar Mass Black Hole
  3. Engineers Genetically Reprogram Yeast Cells to Become Microscopic Drug Factories
  4. Inspired by Fly Feet: New Adhesive Structure Capable of Repeated Attachment and Detachment
  5. New Solar Cells for Space Prove Successful on Rocket Test Flight
  6. Qubits Hold Quantum Information for 10,000 Times Longer Than Previous Record – Paves Way for Large Quantum Computers
  7. Discovery of Metamorphic Rock Microdiamonds Has Geologists Questioning Japan’s History
  8. First Physics-Based Method for Predicting Large Solar Flares
  9. Two Major Microbial Groups Discovered That Can’t Breathe – May Predate the Evolution of Respiration
  10. «Спасибо доктору Педро!» Американский хиропрактик лечит почти все п?
  11. «Все мы были склонны считать себя гениями». Как легенда финансового ?
  12. Ask Ethan: How Do We Know How Old The Universe Is?
  13. Secret to dinosaurs’ huge size may be in unusually lightweight bones
  14. Magnetic levitation can be used to separate the living from the dead
  15. На пороге нового рабства. Как вирус убивает наше свободное время и по
  16. Астрофизик Кэти Мэк: как перестать бояться и полюбить гибель Вселенн
  1. «Мы многому научились у пионеров, но должны быть самими собой». Как с?
  2. «Некоторые школьники просто умнее других». Как быть с отстающими?
  3. Битва за пробел. Как Microsoft разрешила спор века
  4. Культура суперсоло. Как японцы учатся быть счастливыми в одиночку
  5. Конец Мегамашины. Краткая история недееспособной цивилизации
  6. Poisoning of Putin opponent renews spotlight on deadly Russian chemical weapon
  7. NASA-Funded Scientist Claims New Thruster Could Approach Light Speed
  8. Doctors Fight Deadly Tumors Using Gene-Hacked Virus
  9. Your Brain Doesn’t Need More Sleep, It Needs Better Sleep
  10. Диплом за полгода. Сможет ли Google упразднить высшее образование?
  11. A lot of veg is 'toxic' but that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat it
  12. E-cigarettes are no better than alternative aids to quit smoking
  13. Asphalt on roads may soon be greater source of air pollution than cars
  14. The moon really may have strange effects on our health
  15. Cracking the Code of a Scientific Anomaly: Decades-Old Mystery of Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Solved
  16. Quick ‘Bang’ Signals the Most Massive Gravitational-Wave Source Ever Detected
  17. Small Neutralizing Antibody Identified That May Prevent COVID-19 Infection
  18. Universal Mechanism for Ejection of Matter by Black Holes Proposed
  19. Russian biologist still aims to make CRISPR babies despite the risks
  20. Lighter, Faster-Charging Batteries Created That Could Make It Easier to Explore Mars
  21. Finally Revealed: Gargantuan True Size of Legendary Prehistoric Mega-Shark Megalodon
  22. После нас хоть потоп
  1. Quantum computers may be destroyed by high-energy particles from space
  2. Google performed the first quantum simulation of a chemical reaction
  3. Travelling through a wormhole without dying may actually be possible
  4. Science with Sam: Is our reality just one part of a multiverse?
  5. New Electronic Skin Can React to Pain Like Human Skin – For Better Prosthetics and Smarter Robots
  6. Toxic Warning: Chemicals in E-cigarettes Mix Together to Form New, Unexpectedly Toxic Compounds
  7. Researchers Predict Mysterious Dark Energy Is Located in Vast Sea of GEODEs Between Galaxies
  8. Amazingly Strong and Lightweight Spider Silk Made by Photosynthetic Bacteria
  9. This 250-million-year-old creature may have hibernated like modern animals
  10. Some mosquitoes already have resistance to the latest weapon against malaria
  11. The world’s deepest freshwater cave just got a whole lot deeper
  12. 500 Years Later, Scientists Solve Leonardo da Vinci's Human Heart Mystery
  13. Жизнь, которой не было. Как борьба с абортами превратилась в политиче
  1. ВОЗ: стратегия Швеции по борьбе с COVID-19 может стать примером для других стран
  1. Почему одни носят маски, а другие не хотят. Как на этот вопрос отвечают психология и мода
  1. Unexpected Findings Result in New Origin Theory for Earth’s Water
  2. Evolutionary Insight: New Connection Discovered Between Primordial Organisms and Complex Life
  3. Jaw Dropping Observations of Black Hole Devouring a Star Reveal Rapid Disk Formation
  4. Spider Silk Inspires New Class of Functional Synthetic Polymers for Bio-Electronics, Sensors, and Batteries
  1. Fossil Fuels Replaced by Agriculture As Largest Human Source of Sulfur to the Environment
  2. Surprising Number of Exoplanets Could Host Life – Some Stars Could Have As Many as 7 Habitable Planets in Orbit
  1. Could Planet 9 be a primordial black hole?
  2. SAPHiR Multi-Anvil Press Solves Mystery of the Solar System: How Stony-Iron Meteorites Form
  3. Covid-19 is becoming less deadly in Europe but we don't know why
  4. “Invisible Chimney” Phenomenon Explained: Spinning Black Hole Powers Jet by Magnetic Flux
  1. А был ли Мидас? Царь, обращающий в золото все, к чему прикасался, – ред
  2. COVID-19: что и где пошло не так. Разбор полетов от главреда The Lancet
  1. The Climate Crisis Is Still a Crisis
  2. Hepatitis Drugs May Be Effective COVID-19 Coronavirus Treatment
  3. COVID-19 Warning: Flushing Public Restroom Toilets Can Spew Clouds of Particles Carrying Viruses
  4. “Green Bananas” – New Research Shows Exploding Stars May Have Caused Mass Extinction on Earth
  5. Entering the Nanoscale Platinum Age: First High-Entropy Alloy Made of All Six Platinum Group Metals
  6. One of the “Coolest” Places in the World: Astronomers Pinpoint the Best Place on Earth for a Telescope
  7. Why the Baltic states are reconfiguring their electric grids
  8. Mitigating COVID-19 and Climate Change With Innovative Alternative Cooling Strategies
  9. “Our Solar System May Be Unusual”: Rogue Planets Unveiled With NASA’s Roman Space Telescope
  10. “Completes the Circle”: A 40-Year Scientific Journey Leads to a New Truffle Species
  11. Not Guilty! Forensic Research Proves That Textile Fibers Can Be Transferred Without Contact
  12. Astronomers Mystified by Eerie Phenomenon on Mars: Ultraviolet “Nightglow” Spreads Across the Planet’s Sky Every Night
  13. Beguiling Phytoplankton Bloom in the Baltic Sea Looks Incredible
  1. A New Lens on the World: Revolutionizing Optics by Combining Nanostructured Metasurfaces With Liquid Crystal Technology
  2. UCL engineers set new world record internet speed
  3. A new type of plastic may be the first that is infinitely recyclable
  4. The Drug Revolution That No One Can Stop
  1. Грета Тунберг: можно сколько угодно встречаться с лидерами самых разных стран, но мир все еще в стадии отрицания климатического кризиса
  2. Как прокормить 10 млрд человек и спасти планету? Возможное решение – ?
  1. Эксперимент показал, способен ли коронавирус оставаться жизнеспособным на замороженных продуктах
  2. Secret to tardigrades' toughness revealed by supercomputer simulation
  1. Breaking Free From Batteries: Industrial “Internet of Things” Platform Built on Battery-Free Sensors
  2. Mystery Gas Discovered That’s Been Shot Out From the Center of the Milky Way “Like Bullets”
  3. Similar to Humans, Mother Bats Use “Baby Talk” to Communicate With Their Pups
  4. Explaining Everything: Mathematicians Unravel a Thread of String Theory
  5. Researchers Create a Virus That Mimics SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 Coronavirus – Here’s Why
  6. Solar Physicists Measure Global Magnetic Field of the Solar Corona for the First Time – Here’s the Stunning Map
  1. Dramatically Shrinking Salmon Are Affecting Alaska’s People and Ecosystems
  2. Мозаичная психопатия. Александр Лукашенко глазами психиатра
  3. Low-Cost Second-Generation Ethanol Production Powered by Genetically Engineered Enzyme Cocktail
  1. Cosmic Detective Work: Asteroid Fragments May Have Jumped the Gap in the Early Solar System
  2. New “Cyborg” Technology Could Enable Merger of Humans and AI
  3. Machinery of Photosynthesis Supercharges Solar Energy to Hydrogen Fuel Conversion
  4. One of the Most Difficult Missions Humanity Has Ever Undertaken: NASA Establishes Board to Review Mars Sample Return Plans
  5. New Heat Conduction Technology a Game Changer for Server Farms and Aircraft
  6. A Sandy Flower in the Pacific: Unusual Island Growing in Shallow Coastal Waters Near Hainan, China
  7. Simulations Show Lunar Lander Exhaust Could Contaminate Scientifically Vital Moon Ice
  8. Two-for-One Energy From Photons: Tomorrow’s Super-Efficient Solar Cells
  9. «Народ тогда узнает, клянусь Зевсом, что за тварь он породил». Режим Лукашенко как античная тирания
  1. Лишение невинности или заточение монстров. Должны ли дети-преступники сидеть в тюрьме или есть альтернатива?
  1. Researchers discover new electrocatalyst for turning carbon dioxide into liquid fuel
  2. Романтический саботаж. Как работают японские агентства, разрушающие
  3. Neutron Star Extreme Matter Observatory (NEMO) – Building a $100M Black Hole Detector
  4. NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Powered Up for the First Time in Interplanetary Space
  5. Human, Bird and Reptile Tears Aren’t So Different – Critical to Healthy Eyesight Across Species
  1. Fastest star ever seen is moving at 8 0,000000e+00 speed of light
  2. The History of Ponzi Schemes Goes Deeper Than the Man Who Gave Them His Name
  3. Is Sweden's coronavirus strategy a cautionary tale or a success story?
  1. The surprising ways little social interactions affect your health
  2. Scientists Discover Simple Innovation to Make Quantum States Last 10,000 Times Longer
  3. Rare ‘Boomerang’ Earthquake Tracked by Scientists in the Ocean for the First Time
  4. Large Hadron Collider: Could the Higgs Boson Decay Into Dark Matter?
  5. Physicists Cast Doubt on Neutrino Theory – Exotic Subatomic Particle May Not Exist at All
  6. These Unusual Metallic Blue Fruits Have Incredible Dazzling Color – Now Scientists Know How and Why
  7. Stunning Video of “Matchpoint” Rehearsal Shows NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Skimming Asteroid Surface
  8. Ancient Genomes Suggest the Real Reason Woolly Rhinos Went Extinct
  9. Russia offers to help US with Covid-19 vaccine; US says no
  10. Astronomers Sink Their Teeth Into Special Supernova – Exploding Stars Produce the Calcium in Our Bones and Teeth
  11. Third breakthrough demonstrates photosynthetic hacks can boost yield, conserve water
  12. The dangers of the chemical imbalance theory of depression
  13. Discovery of massless electrons in phase-change materials provides next step for future electronics
  14. Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine – Made From a Genetically Modified Virus – Prevents Severe Disease
  15. Terror Crocodiles With “Teeth the Size of Bananas” Preyed on Even the Very Largest Dinosaurs
  16. Unusual New Species of Dinosaur Discovered – “We Were Struck by Just How Hollow This Animal Was”
  17. Advance in Programmable Synthetic Materials: Artificial Molecules Could Power Future Computers
  18. Generic BCG Vaccine Could Be Effective Against COVID-19
  1. A dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter has a salty ocean beneath its surface, making it a contender for alien life
  1. Scientists develop principles for the creation of an 'acoustic diode'
  1. New study warns: We have underestimated the pace at which the Arctic is melting
  1. Physicists have a massive problem as Higgs boson refuses to misbehave
  2. New COVID-19 Virus-Filtering Mask Material Being Fast-Tracked to Market
  1. Scientists propose a novel method for controlling fusion reactions
  2. «Нашим компаниям помогло то, что нам не приказали сидеть дома». Швеция все-таки выиграла, отказавшись весной от карантина
  1. New Electrocatalyst Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Liquid Fuel
  2. «Так было при Сталине, и вот опять». Почему мы реже видимся с родными и друзьями
  3. Gravitational Waves Could Solve a Cosmological Crisis Within Five Years — or Shake Physics to Its Core
  4. «Понятие гиг-экономики обманчиво уже само по себе»
  5. Коронавирус заставил нас печь хлеб и убил кетогенную диету. И что теперь делать с «ковидным» жиром?
  6. Почему и как беженцы из Северной Кореи возвращаются обратно?
  7. «Женщины работают намного больше. Изо дня в день. И работа действительно их убивает»
  8. «Ни одна революция не развивалась по чьему-либо плану и менее всего – по планам великих революционеров»
  9. «Что-то вроде рэкета». Удастся ли Америке получить контроль над TikTok?
  10. Бросок в объятия поражению. Как Япония изживала свое прошлое после капитуляции во Второй мировой
  11. NIH Harnesses Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19 Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring
  12. Antarctic ice sheet collapse could add 3 meters to sea-level rise
  13. Dinosaur Diagnosed With Malignant Cancer for the First Time – Cancerous Bone From 77 Million Years Ago
  14. Изменение климата почти удвоило скорость роста лесов Новой Англии 2.4
  15. Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon May Be Suitable for Planetary Bases – Up to 1,000 Times Wider Than Those on Earth
  16. How Venus and Mars Can Teach Us About the Past and Future of Earth
  17. Seeds of Life in the Universe: Stars Rich in Phosphorus Challenge Theoretical Predictions
  18. Surprisingly Young Galaxy – Discovered by AI – Breaks Low-Oxygen Record
  1. MIT Engineers Discover How Shaving Soft Hair Dulls Even the Sharpest of Razors
  2. С точки зрения науки: взрыв в Бейруте